16 Jan

CES Round-up 2020: Tech our word for it

Written by our Senior Account Manager, Harry Hancock

Last week, thousands of technophiles descended on the Las Vegas Convention Centre for another instalment of CES, the world’s largest tech show. But, don’t worry, this isn’t another blog about TVs. As we move towards a more connected future, it was insightful to see some other potential trends highlighted which will impact businesses over the coming year.


Now, before I start, I may not be the world’s biggest tech whiz, however after following some of the great releases and developments showcased this year, I wanted to pen a few thoughts.


Working with a number of tech clients and the progressions and predicted trends showcased at CES provided prime information and insight I can utilise to help secure a clients’ dream meeting with tech brands.


2019 was “The Year of Voice,” with brands planning to heavily invest and in 2020 we are already seeing more investment into “Connected Homes”, including collaboration with voice strategies developed over the previous years. I mean, who doesn’t dream of having a fridge that can talk to your phone about what food you need, or have your washing machine tell your computer when your laundry is done?!


Interestingly, one stand out development for me this year was the Moxie wireless showerhead speaker developed by Kohler. Whilst it might seem odd (and to some, intrusive) to include an Alexa enabled speaker and microphone into a shower head, for today’s ‘always on’ consumer, Kohler have found a way to turnshower thoughts and ideas into actionable reminders. Whether that be a nudge to purchase shampoo…. Or of course the ability  to record your latest rendition of “Believe” by Cher. You didn’t even know you needed it until it was invented…


CES 2020 is also a hub for the latest advances in automotive technology, and it was no surprise to see further developments in the ‘flying taxi’ sphere with Bell and Hyundai both making great strides in the market. However, what was a surprise, was the unveiling of Sony’s prototype Vision-S Car. While it’s unlikely to be available to the public any time soon, it did showcase their most compelling auto-tech yet, incorporating some new safety features. The Vision-S showcased 33 sensors which not only detected hazards, but also measured a driver’s fatigue.


The FMCG sector really seemed to step up this year at CES, proving that brands in this space are clearly up for investing more into showcasing at the event. French company FasTeesH revealed the Y-Brush that claims to clean your teeth in 10 seconds – a must for increasingly time-poor individuals. For the second year in a row, we also saw Impossible Foods taking the plant-based meat market by storm – this time in the form of their Impossible Pork. This not only appeals to markets including the flexitarian and the vegan, but also with its kosher and halal certification, it is making “pork” more accessible to those who have religious dietary restrictions.


Recognition must also be given to Twitter and the unveiling of controlled replies. This function enables users to manage who can reply to their tweets and also monitor who they want to interact with. Twitter claimed this was to help reduce the necessity for private accounts, as users can manually filter their spam and messages from unwanted users or online trolls – therefore protecting users and giving them more control over their privacy and content.


And finally a nod to my personal favourite, Charmin’s Roll Bot. This robot is on hand to help avoid my housemate awkwardly throwing a much-needed toilet roll through the door when I’m at my most nervous!


It’s impossible to touch on every trend showcased at CES, however for new biz professionals, keeping a finger on the pulse at these major industry events can really lend credence to your bespoke outreach when looking into future trends.

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