25 Jan

Marketing, meet Procurement. You guys are going to love each other

Ingenuity and Don’t Forget to Look are teaming up to investigate how high-growth businesses choose their marketing and digital partners and when in place, how they ensure they’re working optimally.

We want to explore and understand how you get the most from your marketing budget.

This co-created research project is spearheaded by Ingenuity’s Director of Brand Services, Dario Pagani and Stuart Dunk, ex-marketing procurement at Nike, the London 2012 Olympics, Danone, Reckitt Benckiser and founder of marketing procurement consultancy, Don’t Forget to Look.

We believe many successful young brands may be outgrowing their internal and external marketing operations that served them well as a start up.

There is space for optimisation.

But there are lots of misconceptions around procurement. Great marketing procurement is an asset to the brand, the agencies, and ultimately the consumer. For these brands, as marketing investment increases, implementing procurement best-practice is, in fact, a brand building exercise.

Ask yourself, do you objectively know that:

  • You have the right agency partner?

  • They are doing their best work?

  • You are getting the best value (not just a cheap price!)

So what’s this got to do with you?

If you’re interested in achieving sustainable and efficient growth from your marketing investment, we would be thrilled to get you involved in this research. This will inform a wider report to be launched at an event later in the year. All we’d need is 30 minutes for a chat where you can share your thoughts and experiences and we can share some of the insights we’ve gathered thus far.

In return, we would offer you:

  • Access to Ingenuity’s Challenge Connect service to help you meet industry experts who have helped other businesses crack similar challenges

  • Access to marketing procurement and agency effectiveness expertise gleaned from 15 years while working with the likes of Nike, Danone, Betfair and Reckitt Benckiser – profitability, sales, better agency work, increasing value for both brand and agency

  • Invite to round-table webinar with other participants for the launch of the findings

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