23 Oct

Meet the Team: Jared Rood, Brand Partnerships Manager

Meet Jared Rood, Brand Partnerships Manager at Ingenuity. 

What were you doing before you started at Ingenuity?


I was a Partnerships Manager at a brand partnerships agency for three and a half years, with the Walkers x ITV ‘Win Live’ campaign being a real highlight during my time there.


What does your normal day at Ingenuity look like?


The only regular part of it is the five plus cups of tea… Beyond that, it’s generally a mix of campaign planning, writing copy, getting industry insights and plotting how I’m going to get hold of my clients’ dream partners!


What are you currently working on?


I have a couple of clients planning events that are focussed on giving brands reach to a Gen Z audience (Kidtropolis and Social in the City), and I’m just starting to work on some content partnerships as well. Outside of work I’ve just finished writing a kid’s poetry book that’s about to get illustrated.


What did you want to be when you grew up?


I could never quite make my mind up between being a Football Manager or a Rockstar… but, since I was about 13, I’ve really wanted to get my Blue Badge to be a tour guide in London’s Square Mile and East End.


What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?


Probably that teenage eyebrow piercing…


If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?


Something to do with space travel or being able to breathe in space (feels like several superpowers but I’ll be greedy!)


Tell us a random fact that you love?


As the (un)official ‘Ingenuity Fact of the Day Club Chairman’, I feel like I’m under a lot of pressure to come up with a corker here. So, bear with me…


The world map that we all know so well is called the Mercator projection (bonus fact – it was named after the Flemish cartographer Garardus Mercator who presented it in 1569). However, this map distorts the true layout of the Earth’s surface, exaggerating areas far from the equator.


In reality, inside Africa you can fit: all of the USA, China, and India, as well as Japan and most of Europe too —together!


You can pick out a country and drag it around a world map at https://thetruesize.com to see how the sizes get distorted and actually compare it to other countries.


TL:DR, Africa is HUGE.


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