30 Nov

What are your key CRM challenges?


On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. Worryingly, a recent World Federation of Advertisers survey reveals that 70% of brand owners felt the marketers in their organisations are still not fully aware of the implications of the new European data laws.


The GDPR effectively replaces all data legislation across the EU, including the UK’s Data Protection Act. Although companies will have the right to process data to provide their services when consumers ask them to, the GDPR will not allow companies to use personal data for any further purpose unless permitted by users.

One half of our event on December 6th at Stamford Bridge is for brands to meet and question the agencies that are shaping the future of CRM and Data. Some of the questions that could be covered include:


  1. The most efficient ways to use Artificial Intelligence for CRM and loyalty…
  2. What the new ways are to increase and measure customer retention and loyalty…
  3. How to understand who your best customers are from your existing data…
  4. Which channel, what content, how much value? Demystifying the omni-channel challenge…

But of course, the most pressing questions on all brands lips is about the impending GDPR and how this may affect their businesses.


Some of the questions that we’re looking into on the day, received from the brands themselves, are:


  • How does the GDPR differ from the laws that are already in existence?
  • How will it affect certain types of data e.g. data from social media?
  • What are the creative methods being adopted to gain consent post GDPR?
  • How can we prove the value exchange for customers to encourage them to give their personal data?
  • How are agencies equipping themselves to help brands prepare for the GDPR?
  • What new insightful, innovative data sets are out there?
  • What will be the key telesales challenges post GDPR?


If you are a CRM or marketing agency that can help with any of the above, we’d love to hear from you. The event gives you the chance to sit down with each of the fifteen brands individually to answer their questions around their customer marketing and data, whatever they may be. Or indeed, if you’re a brand who desperately wants answers to their CRM questions, we have a few spaces left for you to join us on the day.


Drop us a line on events@ingenuitylondon.com to find out more.


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