24 Aug

What we learnt: CRM & Video Content Event


Last week we hosted our 13th event of the year, bringing together brands and agencies at Stamford Bridge who were either looking to collaborate around CRM/Loyalty programmes or video content.


These events are always an excellent way to understand how the landscape around a specific marketing discipline is changing and what a brand’s current needs might be. It was particularly interesting to listen to how brands were looking to adapt their loyalty programmes to be much more omni-channel and mobile friendly, as well as asking agencies how they can move beyond the typical points/rewards type model to really build a retained and loyal following of customers.


It was clear that video is still the medium of the moment, with brands looking for advice around how they can make the most of this area.


Over 60 brands and agencies came together for a series of one-to-one meetings that take place in the corporate hospitality boxes of the football ground. A series of ‘speed dates’ as we like to call them. Once the ‘speed dating’ events were over we head over to the pub for a bit more informal networking. Feedback from brands is then shared with each individual agency, and follow up calls and meetings scheduled.


How often can you say you’ve done 15 new business meetings in one afternoon?


Our next event is focussed on Digital360 – if you’re a brand or agency that is looking at this area, please get in touch to find out more: events@testing.mc-staging.net