26 April - 30 April (Virtual Event)

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What Is It?

A marketplace event for brands and agencies to virtually meet and connect. Brand marketers are invited to join this event to discover the best agency talent and make new connections for live or upcoming requirements.

In short – it’s a chance for brands to…

  • Hear new perspective on how these agencies could tackle their challenges
  • Discover solutions they never knew existed
  • Meet agencies that could take their results to the next level
  • Get access to next level thought leadership

How Does It Work?

  • You provide us with your marketing challenges. The ones that no-one seems to be able to crack, or even the ones your current agency just isn’t nailing.
  • We decipher your challenge and select from the agencies attending the ones we think you simply must talk to. Don’t worry, we’ll create a bespoke schedule for you!
  • We share your challenges with the selected agencies ahead of your sessions so that they are full of priceless discussion, ideas, and new perspective. Each agency session lasts 20 minutes.

A new business event for agencies and brands to virtually meet and connect.

In short – it’s a chance for agencies to…

  • Meet potential new clients in quickfire chemistry meetings
  • Demonstrate how they can tackle specific marketing challenges
  • Showcase unique solutions & tech capabilities

How Does It Work?

  • The brands provide us with their marketing challenge/s along with details of their budgets, timescales and level of seniority ina ‘Brand Profiling Questionnaire’
  • Agencies will prepare accordingly to impress each brand! Meetings are 20mins in length. We’ll do all the leg work and create bespoke schedules for agencies.
  • Brands submit their feedback immediately after each agency meeting highlighting if they would like to remain in touch and detailing next steps.

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