21 July - 22 July (Virtual Event)

The Health & Wellbeing Marketing Forum

Health conscious consumers, the rise of digital detoxes and an online ecosystem of wellness info and hashtags. This event is for brands that use health and wellbeing in their marketing comms to meet and discuss their key challenges with leading agencies.

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Health and Wellbeing covers multiple sectors and has quickly become a billion-pound segment of the global market. How brands market themselves in this space is now crucial given the global situation.

Some of these sectors are Food & Drink, Nutrition, Beauty, Fitness, Insurance, Travel & Leisure, Pharma, Vits & Mins.

The event will cover all areas of the marketing mix including Content, Social & Activation.

How it works

For Brands, this forum offers the chance to meet a selection of leading agencies who can help them overcome their marketing challenges. They’ll also hear exclusive thought leadership from industry champions.

For Agencies, it’s a chance to meet client decision makers that are keen to engage new agencies and discuss their key challenges.

Each attending brand supplies Ingenuity with a brief outlining their current challenges and requirements. These get sent to the attending agencies prior to the event, allowing agencies the opportunity to tailor thoughts and potential solutions.

On the day, the agencies and brands will have 1-to-1 chemistry sessions via our unique virtual meeting platform.

The thought leadership content will be downloadable at anytime to those who have signed up!

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